Urban commons

The partnership between citizens and the Municipality of Trento for the shared management of urban commons can take the form of caring for and restoring public spaces, private spaces for public use, buildings, or the development and promotion of various types of civic partnerships in the social services, cultural and economic sectors, from urban creativity to digital innovation.
What is a Collaboration Agreement? This is an agreement under which citizens contribute voluntarily alongside a public body - in this case the Municipality of Trento city council - to care for tangible and intangible public assets. The city council offers the opportunity to jointly manage the care and regeneration of the city. The strength and potential of such an agreement is the high degree of informality, as it can bring together individuals, informal groups, committees, and the residents of a neighbourhood.
Find out more about the management of public assets in Trento > https://www.comune.trento.it/Aree-tematiche/Beni-comuni

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