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Trentino: showcasing best practices for promoting and maximising participation, to make people happy.
To be part of this workshop of best practice, every organisation in Trentino can promote one or more initiatives which will be added to the joint calendar.


Each initiative can make use of the tools made available by Trentovolo.

Digital showcase
To increase the visibility of your initiative, it will be included on the website page listing all of the initiatives for Trento, European Volunteering Capital 2024. All you need to do is complete the forms available to download here with all of the necessary information. If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending us an email to

 Spaces for use
 If you need a room for your initiative, you can take refer to the Comune di Trento’s list of spaces and rooms. Click on the space that you are interested in for contact details.
 If you have a space which you can provide, notify us at

Assicurazione ITAS “Instant Insurance”
ITAS Mutua offers an “Instant Insurance” policy for occasional volunteers at a very low daily cost. The policy can be activated via app. We will update this page with more information once the service is available at the end of 2023.

Communication tools
For more support to deliver your initiative, we have decided to make a number of tools available, including: poster templates to edit in Canva (available here) and a group of volunteers known as the “Digitalisers” who can provide help with creating communication content.

Adopt an initiative
You can have your initiative “adopted” by a sponsor which can donate a maximum sum of up to €700. To access this option, your initiative must be included on the calendar available on the website. 

Digitalisers, supporting digital needs
If you require help with any digital issues, not just communications-related ones, our group of “Digitaliser” volunteers is on hand to help you. Until the group is up-and-running, for more information please contact


Still have questions? We are compiling the most frequently asked questions. Email if you cannot find your question in the document.


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