The Journey

The Municipality of Trento and the Center for Volunteer Services (CSV) for Trentino paved the way for Trento’s candidacy as the European Volunteering Capital through a participatory process engaging the whole Trentino community. The results of this process informed the candidacy and the process continues even now that Trento has been proclaimed European Volunteering Capital. The outcomes combine the views of everyone, not just people from the volunteering sector, but from wider Trento society.
Key stages over the years:


December 3 - Formalisation of candidacy application


January-May - Participatory process with the city
June 3 - Presentation of candidacy documentation to CEV
October 4 - Presentation to CEV of the video about volunteering in Trento
December 10 - Trento is announced as the European Volunteering Capital 2024


A year of exploration, ideas, and discussions in preparation for becoming European Volunteering Capital 2024.

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