The City of Trento

Nestled among the stunning Alpine mountains, Trento boasts several thousand years of history and has retained much of that ancient splendour. Packed with outstanding museums and cultural attractions, Trento is an Alpine city of rare beauty where art and culture meet magnificent mountains and unspoiled landscapes.

The city features a number world class museums which include MUSE - Museo delle Scienze di Trento (Trento Science Museum) designed by Renzo Piano, the Buonconsiglio castle, the SASS underground Roman archaeological site, the early Christian basilica located beneath the Cathedral, the Tridentino diocesan museum, the Trento civic gallery - MART, the Piedicastello tunnels, the Gianni Caproni Aeronautical Museum, and many more.

Many visitors to Trento will know that the city’s name is indelibly associated with the famous Council of Trent, a historic summit for the Catholic Church which took place between 1545 and 1563, making the city of Trento famous all around the world. The decisions made during those years shaped European history in many important ways, representing a watershed moment with enormous consequences for society, art, architecture and music.

Today, Trento provides the perfect location for internationally renowned festivals and events, including the Trento Film Festival, the Festival of Economics and the Festival of Sports. History and folklore take centre stage at historic re-enactments such as the annual Feste Vigiliane celebrating the city’s patron saint day. 

At Christmas, Trento's magical Yuletide atmosphere comes alive - the cold, crisp air mixing with the heady aromas of the food and drink served alongside hand-crafted gifts at the famous Christmas Market, making Christmas holidays even more special. Don’t miss the “Trento, Città di Natale” events.

The capital of the province of Trentino is also the perfect destination for fans of sport and outdoor activities. From a gentle bike ride along the banks of the Adige river through orchards and vineyards to exploring the mountains above Trento in the company of expert guides. With more than 50 km of rural trails and urban trekking routes, there are plenty of options for easy walks or more strenuous hikes.

In addition to its artistic and natural wonders, the region around Trento is well known for its rich food and wine traditions, including a number of renowned products.

Just a few kilometres from the city centre, and easily reached by public transportation, Monte Bondone is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh mountain air and a safe and tranquil time in the great outdoors.

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